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Guys, Valentine’s day is just a few days away. Are you ready?

Most likely you would like to be able to spend lavishly on Valentine’s day, right? If you can that’s great.

The fact is, not everyone has the financial ability to spend freely as they would like. The reality is that true love isn’t about money. At a minimum, true love is about consideration, time, admiration, honesty, respect, and giving.

Now here’s the good news: you can have a great Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money. Know that I don’t mean cheap, I mean thoughtful and economical. Although you may feel the pressure to spend more than you want to, you don’t have to buy into the hype. Love can’t be purchased.

Here are ten tips for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day:

1. Stop the pressure. You do not have to go on a date on February 14th. Eliminate the things that you are “supposed” to do. Go out on the 13th or the 15th. Avoid the crowds. Change it up. How about don’t go out at all for dinner, instead, order in. Then head over to a nice bakery for dessert and finally go out for virgin piña coladas at a local restaurant.

2. Make your own dinner. Forget the reservations and the high cost of a meal on the town—cook a delicious, romantic dinner at home. If you have an Instant-Pot or Air-Fryer (or you know how to cook), cook fresh fish, chicken, beef, or your favorite dish. I recently learned how to use my Instant-Pot and Air-Fryer on YouTube. I now can’t live without them.

3. Go out for breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, and the least expensive. Why not go out for breakfast instead of dinner this year? Lunch is another option.

4. Find a flower option besides roses. Roses cost a small fortune on Valentine’s Day. Find another flower your spouse loves. Ask your wife about her favorite flower, change it up, and deliver the flowers yourself.

5. Rent a few romantic movies and stay home. It’s easy to find a list of romantic movies. You may not prefer “chic-flicks” but, it’s not about you anyway. Remember guys, this is not the time to watch Gladiator, 300, or Scarface unless your wife likes those movies too. You don’t even have to get dressed up. The popcorn, candy, and ice cream are less expensive at home, too. You can even talk during the movie.

6. Write a love letter. Guys, you can do this. Just write down ten text messages that you would like to send to your wife about how great she is, and then put them together in a paragraph. Take a few minutes and put your romantic thoughts down on paper. It’s free, and you’ll score big points. Here are the top 10 texts to send to your wife for Valentine’s.

7. Give each other a massage. Pick the music and the massage oils. Light a few candles and turn on some music.

8. Make your own card. There’s no law that states you have to support Hallmark by purchasing a card that costs $4.99. They usually end up in the trash anyway. Make your own card this year (DIY it). And guess what, it just might be remembered forever.

9. Look for free or inexpensive entertainment. Check local Facebook groups. Go for a walk. Climb a rock. There is plenty of quality entertainment on the cheap if you look for them. Check your local city for announcements; museums, local theater companies, art galleries, and food can all be both entertaining and inexpensive.

10. Pray together. The most impactful activity you can do with your wife is to pray together with her. Praying invites God into your relationship. You “Da Man” right? Well, be a spiritual leader first. You may already know this, but how many times have you prayed together with your wife this month? Thought so.

I challenge husbands to pray for one minute with their wives, holding hands or hugging, several times a week. Doing so will change every part of your marriage for the better.

If you need a few ideas to help you get started, check out my book, 7-Day Prayer Challenge. How to Pray with your Spouse to Create Spiritual Intimacy.

Here’s one more tip for free. Use a coupon. Usually, I would not recommend this for special occasions, but if money is tight and the price is right, pull out the scissors and use a coupon.

As you can see, love doesn’t require money. A fun and memorable Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed on a budget. So, make a list of inexpensive ideas that will thrill your wife, and don’t let financial challenges ruin your Valentine’s Day.

Finally, guys, pay attention to your wife, every day but especially on Valentine’s day. Stop complaining and value your spouse. Make eye contact, express your appreciation, be thankful, talk with your wife and show love.

We are living in crazy times. If you and your wife are physically healthy be thankful. Don’t wait for tragedy to happen, but don’t live in fear either. Get out and smell the fog, smog or go walk the dog, together.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? For more Valentine Dating Tips click here:

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Christiana Plata
Christiana Plata

These are all such great ideas ,I love staying in and watching a movie and a massage count me in. Most important of all Pray
Thank you for these tips ❤